Hi, I’m Natalia.  Truth seeker, mama, wife and wanderer to name a few.  I am on this crazy journey of life to find my truth, share my passion and to live in the fullest, most authentically imperfect way possible. 


I am a lover of tea, meditation, yoga and chocolate chip cookies. My journey into yoga began in my early 20’s when I turned to the practice as a way to reduce stress and become a human pretzel. 


It wasn’t until my youngest was born that I truly experienced a meaningful shift. My meditation practice started and deepened. The practice became less about being able to do the physical poses and more about awakening to my life and my passions through meditation, mindfulness and functional movement. 


My passion is to share meditation, yoga and tea with you. Please join me in stillness, movement or for a bowl of tea.


My classes honour the tradition of yoga while incorporating a modern and functional movement approach to create a sustainable practice. 


I teach a variety of classes from Flow, Mindful Movement, Prenatal, Mom and Baby and Meditation.  And while the styles I teach are different, each class is a unique blend of meditation, mindfulness, breath work, flow and functional movement.



Meditation is my way of hitting the pause button.  No matter where I am, I can call upon this practice and find stillness. While for many years I was crisis meditator, only calling on the practice in times of high stress, I have now committed to and found the necessity of daily practice. Through meditation I stop, feel and move through whatever obstacle is presenting itself instead of reacting. This is the practice that has changed my life. 


In early 2018, I completed Lifestyle Meditation's Teacher Training. Forever a student, I continue to learn more and further my practice through mentorship and the guidance of my incredible spiritual teachers. My passion is to share this practice of finding pause within you and to teach you how to simply be with yourself, as you are, in this very moment.



The Way of Tea, or Cha Dao, has had a profound impact on my life and daily ritual. It gives me the vessel in which to slow down, go inward and become fully present. It has also ignited a passion within me to be of service. 


I serve tea to bring people together, where we can enjoy a simple bowl in silence, find stillness in the leaf and connect with nature in this beautiful ceremony.