Embracing the Seasonal Shifts and Celebrating Fall Equinox

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

I used to have so much resistance to the change of seasons, mainly the shift out of summer and into the seemingly endless cold of an Albertan Winter.....can anyone relate? It wasn't until I began to understand the energetic shifts in the seasons and celebrate those shifts through ritual and ceremony did I learn to live in flow with the natural rhythms and cycles of nature. Embracing the cold and its teachings instead of being in resistance to it.

Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere occurs on Tuesday, September 22. An equinox represents the days of the year where the day and night are equal length. These shifts in the seasons are an opportunity to pause. To pause and thank the summer for it's light. To appreciate the growth and abundance that we experienced, where we watched the fruits of our labour bloom. But also to pause and embrace the impending darkness. To make final preparations for the upcoming season. Transitioning from a season of doing and activity to a season of inner reflection and wisdom.

The Celt's had many different herbs to represent the Fall Season but my personal two favorites are Passionflower and Rose. Passionflower is a herb that is really good for sleep and has a beautiful calming effect on the nervous system. It's nice to mix passionflower with other herbs like skullcap, chamomile and lemon balm and drink it in a tea. Rose petals are a nice feel good herb and can be used as a stomach tonic. It's really lovely infused in a honey. The Rose Hips are really high in Vitamin C and are good for colds. If you are using rose hips make sure the inner hairs are removed. They can be made into a tea by boiling 2 tsp per cup for 20 minutes.

Different ways to use Passionflower and Rose in Ritual:

  • Burning the herbs as an incense

  • Making an offering to the trees. Traditionally the Celt's would leave offerings for the God of the Forest, the Green Man. I usually sprinkle the herbs around my garden while practicing gratitude to the plants and trees for their medicine.

  • If you have a fireplace or fire pit you can also sprinkle the herbs into the fire as an offering, while releasing an intention into the universe. You can even save your spent herbs from your tea for this purpose.

My favorite way to gather and celebrate Fall Equinox and any transition is with a Tea Ceremony. If you know me then no surprise there. I love to embrace the cooler days of fall with a hot bowl of tea. A nice contrast from the summer when hot tea can feel a little bit too...well hot. In fall, I enjoy drinking richer teas with a little more depth like the Liu Bao's and some nice Red Teas.

Are you interested in participating in a Fall Equinox Tea Ceremony? I will be hosting one on Instagram live on Tuesday, September 22 at 8 pm. It will be nice way to mark the equinox with community and ceremony. So mark your calenders!

You can join in and enjoy the silence and stillness of the ceremony as a moving meditation or you can brew your own cup/bowl of tea and join in! I can't wait to see you there!