• Natalia Haffner

Hello and Welcome

This is my first official blog post!! I am so excited to be posting my ramblings and using this space as my own personal journal about my life. Which means there will be lots of talk about tea, yoga, meditation, as well as motherhood, cooking, gardening with maybe a dash of knitting thrown into the mix. So in general I will be posting about my journey through life and whatever happens to be landing for me that day.

I just finished hosting a Women's New Moon Tea Ceremony tonight with a beautiful group of ladies that has me feeling like my cup is full. Nothing gives me greater pleasure then being of service and being surrounded by a beautiful, inspirational group of women. We can learn so much from each other when we show up with open and receiving hearts. It's amazing what happens when we create safe space, support and listen to each other. It's truly magical and I am feeling deeply grateful.

My journey into tea has been a short one but it has had a profound impact on my life. With each passing day and each session it's steeps deeper and deeper into my being and is becoming a part of me. Tea offers me stillness, insight, connection, community and a deep sense of being. Being part of something so much greater then myself, it allows me to be in flow with nature and the rhythms of the universe.

There you go, I warned you there would be ramblings, lol. I look forward to sharing more about my journey into tea and my journey into all things. Thank you for being here. Truly, thank you.

Talk soon.