Monthly Moon Cycles

During my own healing journey, learning to live in harmony with the natural rhythms of the earth has been transformational. I remember sitting in a Women's Circle 10 days after my second baby was born listening to a Hormone Specialist talk about how our monthly cycles and the moon cycle are meant to be in sync. What?? My mind was blown!

Moon Cycle 28 days = Bleeding Cycle 28 days

The moon controls the most powerful bodies of water on our planet with it's energetic forces, it only makes sense that it would also influence our bleeding cycle. In a healthy cycle we will cycle on either a Full Moon a Red Moon Cycle or on a New Moon a White Moon Cycle. The truth is that most of us are out of rhythm and there are many factors that influence that. Birth control, medications, diet, lifestyle and interestingly enough exposure to artificial light. Our bodies need darkness in the evenings to stay in rhythm. So a really quick a simple thing to try out is moon bathing.

Activity: Once it's dark, sit outside under the moon for 15 minutes a day and soak in all that moon magic. Sometimes that is all your body needs to reset itself. Pretty amazing, right?

The greatest form of self care is when we learn to recognize the different times in our cycle. There are lots of different apps out there to help you track your cycle or even journalling how your feeling on the different days of your cycle to start to recognize your own unique patterns. It's so empowering learning how your body works. Being able to recognize the time in your cycle:

  • when you have the most energy to crush it at the gym

  • when you are at your most creative to pursue your creative goals

  • when you need to slow down and rest. Really rest.

Why is this important? It's something women have known since the beginning of time but somehow we have forgotten. Let's connect with the intuitive wisdom of our ancestors and remember. Let's connect with our physical bodies and begin to recognize our own unique patterns and rhythms. Let's ditch the shame, the numbing and the ignoring of our monthly bleeding and recognize that this is where our power lies. Acknowledging how truly amazing our bodies are and learning to go with the "flow" and nurture our natural rhythms and cycles.

Exciting News!! I am so passionate about WOMEN coming together, empowering each other in community that I have decided to host a MONTHLY Women's Circle on each New Moon. The next one will be held via Zoom in October. Stay tuned for more information. Be the first to know by Subscribing to my Newsletter here, scroll to the bottom and enter your details. You will receive a FREE Meditation by yours truly. Enjoy!