• Natalia Haffner

Reflections and Intentions for 2019

Goodbye 2018. What a year! Lots of personal growth, healing, finding community, sprinkled with lots of challenges through out. I've spent this year learning to live my truth, speak from my heart and to accept myself as I am, right in this moment. All this has brought about big changes and as result I am in the midst of yet another big transition. As always transitions are the most challenging times of our lives. Letting go of the past... thoughts that no longer serve, ideas that didn't work or have changed, relationships that have fallen apart and then in order to let all that go...... surrendering. Surrendering to the unknown. This black hole of uncertainty. Will I be okay? Yes. What will life look like? Different. Will it be challenging? Probably. Is it worth it? Yes. That's the tough part about surrendering, knowing that we have no control over life and learning to be okay with that. The universe has different plans. Trust it. Listen to it.

My intentions for 2019? As I continue to increase my presence and awareness through meditation and my tea practice, a key word that keeps coming up for me is kindness. Most importantly to be kind to myself. Watch my self dialogue and talk to myself kindly. Also prioritizing time for myself to do the things that bring me joy.

I also intend to be kind in my intentions, be kind with my actions and most importantly for me is to be kind with my words. What does that mean? Well for me it's to operate from a place of response and not reactivity. Taking time to pause and asking myself whether my words or actions are necessary and do they contribute positively to the situation. Essentially less talking, more listening and less reacting.

As we move forward into the new year take time for yourself and take a few moments today to be completely present. Watch the sunset, your children playing or perhaps simply looking out your window and noticing what you see. Notice the colours, the textures, the stillness, the movement, notice every detail you can. Revel in it's beauty, revel in the pause, everything is exactly as it needs to be right now.

Happy New Year Everyone!